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We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask for the performance visit.

Backbone Berlin is a platform that aims to facilitate and foster long term support to artistic practice within the independent dance scene of Berlin, as well as to question current issues related to precarity of artistic work, commoning of resources, mutualisation, alternative models of long-term development, ecology and sustainability of practices within the field of dance and its wider community. During the workshop Backbone Berlin will introduce their favorite practices that emerged out of the sessions in 2022. The workshop is dedicated to independent professionals in the dance and performance field from Berlin and beyond.

During 2022 Backbone was hosted by Barbara Greiner and Sarah Parolin, and joined by 19 practitioners from the Berlin dance scene: Agata Siniarska, Alice Chauchat, Angela Alves, Clement Layes, Giulia Messia, Gretchen Belgen, Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez, Jared Gradinger, Julia Rodriguez, Kasia Wolinska, Lea Moro, Louise Trueheart, Manon Parent, Maria F. Scaroni, Olympia Bukkakis, Roni Katz, Sheena McGrandles, Siegmar Zacharias, and Xenia Taniko. The platform organized and coordinated four meetings over the course of the year, dedicated to questioning, analyzing and discussing the following topics: INDIVIDUAL PRACTICES (how do we work, what do we need, how do we plan, how do we activate), ETHICS (what are the values and politics leading our working environment, how to account for fairness, asymmetries, ecology and sustainability), GOVERNANCE (how information flows, who is accountable, hierarchies, how do we come to decisions, how do we share, if we share, responsibility, how do we evaluate our actions), and RESOURCES (bodies, finances, time, knowledge, tools).