Narratives of Intimacy
An Introduction to Intimacy Coordination for Choreographers
January 14

The 3-hour workshop is dedicated to emerging choreographers and is free of charge. The registration period is over.

In choreography, the body becomes the capital. How we invest it—how we shape, mould, and utilize movement—determines the richness and depth of our artistic expression. As a vessel of emotions and stories, the body can captivate, challenge, and connect with the audience on a profound level. In the pursuit of crafting narratives towards intimacy, we navigate the delicate balance of closing and opening distances. Do we unite performers in a tight embrace or explore the power of separation and longing? The choreographer’s decisions in this realm are pivotal, influencing not only the physical dynamics of the performance but also the emotional resonances. Intimacy is like a tapestry of choices, a narrative woven through movement, touch and intricate interplay of bodies in space.

In the workshop dedicated to emerging choreographers, Kaya Kołodziejczyk – choreographer, movement director and intimacy professional for film and theatre – gives an insight into the dynamically developing field of intimacy coordination. Through case studies, practical exercises and open discussions the participants will be invited to reflect various aspects of a choreographic process, like boundaries, touch and consent.

Kaya Kołodziejczyk (she/her) is an artist connected to the field of contemporary dance and performing arts. She has created numerous choreographies including work for dance companies, film productions, VR/AR experiences and theatre plays. Beside years of her movement career in Belgium and Poland she is an intimacy professional for film and theatre (SAG-AFTRA Accredited Training Programs).