Archive: Tanztage Berlin 2008
Hyoung-Min Kim
Call Back
German premiere
Keine Angabe

“Call Back” begins in chaos. It focuses on the apparent, uninfluenced, compulsive and destructive revelation of the human body and the notion of instinctual, animalistic desire.

HYOUNG-MIN KIM has been choreographing her own pieces since 1999, shown at the Tanzmesse Düsseldorf (DMZ), at the Theater Wintertour (Hippocampus), in Seoul and in Berlin, among others. Awarded at the 10th Solo Tanz Theater Festival in Stuttgart for “The Room”. 2002/2003 guest student at EDDC (NL) and 1998-2002 student at Korea National University of Arts, School of Dance/Bachelor of Fine Arts. Danced with Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, Toula Limnaios, Berlin, and worked with Iztok Kovac, Seoul, among others. Taught improvisation, contemporary dance and composition at various universities in Korea.

CHOREOGRAPHY Hyoung-Min Kim in collaboration with the performers and Anna-Luise Recke PERFORMANCE Hyoung-Min Kim, Anuschka von Oppen, Alessio Castellacci MUSIC Alessio Castellacci STAGE/COSTUMES Joki Tewes

Sponsored by Ganesa Production and Kyung-gi Culture association.