Archive: Tanztage Berlin 2008
A. Schur und R. Westenhoeffer (Cie Dégadézo)
La Doublure*. Die Unterseite der Oberseite
Keine Angabe

Protected from indiscreet glances, two women measure each other in their tailor’s corner. Loosely based on Burda, they measure body parts and stage space and lose themselves in the folds of a common skin. They remove shells and turn the inside out. The rough, the wild, the untidy come to light, but also the delicate and fragile.

*Doublure has two meanings in French: In tailoring, it is the term for the fine lining fabric in jackets, pants and skirts; in film and theater, it is the term for the understudy of a role.

ANTJE SCHUR AND RÉGINE WESTENHOEFFER have been co-directing the Compagnie Dégadézo in Strasbourg since 2002. La Doublure? is their second full-length piece and their first duet together. It was created in spring 2007 during a residency of the company at the Atelier du Rhin / Théâtre de la Manufacture in Colmar.

direction/choreography Antje Schur, Régine Westenhoeffer / Cie Dégadézo dance/acting Antje Schur, Régine Westenhoeffer music Aymeric De Tapol lighting design Gerdi Nehlig costume/stage design Sabine Siegwalt

A production of the Compagnie Dégadézo in residence at the Atelier du Rhin, Théâtre de la Manufacture/ Colmar and Micadanses/ Paris. Co-produced by Théâtre Pôle Sud/ Strasbourg. Supported by Ministére de la Culture, DRAC/ Alsace, Ville de Strasbourg and Région d’Alsace.