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[From: Chani Nicholas You Were Born For This. Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance]

“Feeling is Cancer’s forte. Cancer initiates us into our need to connect. To release the tears stuck in our ducts. To address our most neglected selves. Cancer creates security and safety through emotional bonds that feel or are familial.”

To celebrate the beginning of the summer under the emotional water sign and inaugurate yet another season of dancing together apart Tanztage Berlin is releasing four new episodes of its podcast. This time we are joining forces with some of the musicians collaborating with choreographers invited to the 2021/2022 edition of the festival – Nkisi, Moro and Samuel Hertz – and one guest from abroad: dogheadsurigeri from the Polish queer-feminist collective Oramics whose work is dedicated to supporting underrepresented artists and amplifying voices of Eastern European electronic music scene.

The work of Nkisi – the alias of Melika Ngombe Kolongo – uncovers the dance floor rituals as a potential for trance as embodied knowledge system. Her ongoing sonic research focuses on rhythm as ancestral technology and sound as multi-dimensional intelligence. The mix of Moro is a mixture of Latin American tracks, sunshine vibes and experiments from all over. SOUNDS OF DOOM is a slide through the sound environments, elements, and events occurring throughout the performance DOOM by Layton Lachman and Samuel Hertz. Swinging wildly between electronic music, wailing doom metal guitars, and field recordings of abandoned hotels in a napalmed valley, the work presented here is a doomed mixtape: rhythms and textures offering a number of ways to approach the end of the world — a collective grieving and celebration in the face of oncoming doom. dogheadsurigeri’s sets are hybrid with rhythmic switch-ups blending cut-up experimental club-music with trap, UK bass, abstract techno and EDM snippets. Born under Scorpio zodiac sign, she’s ruled by impulsiveness and passion, which reflect in everything she does.

Use them wisely, crybabies!

P.S. Together with Layton Lachman & Samuel Hertz and Open Air Neukölln at Freiluftkino Hasenheide, we would like to invite you to the premiere of DOOM (THE MOVIE) on 5 August at 7:30 pm.