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Tanztage Berlin Podcast 15-17: Aquarius Season Special

New year, old problems! As Tanztage Berlin won’t be able to celebrate its annual closing party once again, we have invited DJs representing different queer collectives and initiatives to dance us into Aquarius season (keywords: invention, democracy, freedom, rebellion). The mixes to be used on your private dancefloors in the time of dancing ban were provided by ābnamā from Berlin-based DUMP, Monster from Polish Oramics and Chaos Clay – a founding member of Archipelagogo Club, events promoting the works of queer people of colour in Geneva.

ābnamā’s mix is a trip through saccharine-fueled-bittersweet, manic yet self-aware, stylistically ironic yet emotionally sincere reinterpretations of rave, trance and acid through an industrial/postpunk ethos. It leans heavily on sounds from Berlin and especially on the musical genius of Gundrun Gut. Monster’s set – inspired by her latest record shopping in Berlin – is 100% of 90’s proto-techno and trance, vibrant in colours and fun vocals to brighten the gloomy winter days. Chaos Clay’s mix – mutant in its nature – displays ngom, techno, vogue classics and their own sounds. It is a mixture of beats climbing one another and a set of coordinates ranging from doom to emotional.